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3 ways you can experience healing through Jesus

Coming to terms with my brokenness has not always been easy. 

It’s not always easy to admit that I am weak and hurting at times. Convincing others and myself that I was ok all the time felt tiresome and inauthentic, too. 

I knew I had experienced pain, but dealing and coping with the repercussions just felt easier if I brushed it under the rug. 

Being the best version of myself was my goal; I just didn’t know quite how to get there.

Through Jesus and the leading and guidance of his Spirit, we can experience healing like we desire. I did, and so can you.

When the desire of my heart grew for more of Jesus and to live out his purposes in my life, he brought to my attention that I must journey with him to experience healing, and so can you. 

The thing is, it doesn’t have to feel impossible for you. It did at first for me, until I realized my “yes” was his invitation for him to start working. 

You can say yes to him by acknowledging your need for him too. 

I have outlined 3 ways, through the power and help of Jesus and his word, that I have found healing… and I know you can too.

1. Break down lies and discover life-affirming truth

I have discovered that one of the biggest tactics that the enemy uses to keep us from experiencing the freedom we have in Christ is by making us believe lies. 

But lies don’t satisfy. They keep us from knowing the truth, and keep us trapped in a place of pain, insecurity, fear, and anxiety.

Truth on the other hand gives us peace and comfort. As children of God, our hearts crave truth and will only settle for truth because the one who is in us is the source of truth. 

Living in his truth produces radical freedom and transformation. The power of the truth is shared for us in John 8:32 (NIV): “Then you will know the truth, and the truth will set you free.” 

When we are living in truth, we will experience healing-amazing unexplainable healing and peace. 

Pray for the Spirit to open your eyes to see where you are believing lies and to examine your heart. 

You are a truth bearer when you are his child. The power of his Spirit in you will reveal and show you where you are believing lies. 

2. Revisit the past to heal from it

You are not alone in having experienced pain and hurt in your past. Sometimes it can hurt to revisit it. 

However, I want to gently encourage you to consider praying about Jesus bringing up moments that you need to revisit, so you can process them and receive his healing. 

We all have pain from the past, but what we do with it in the present is what matters. 

We might want to let pain be left in the past, but if we do that then it will continue to haunt us. 

Leaving these wounds as they are creates a barrier between you and experiencing the depth and love Jesus has for you. 

Digging up these painful experiences to acknowledge our pain and injustices can help us find acceptance and allow us to have freedom for the future. 

It’s best that we do this gradually and slowly by the leading and guiding of the Spirit. 

We need to have grace with ourselves, too. It’s not an overnight process. It can take years. 

When the spirit brings up something from the past-instead of pushing it to the side, deal with it. 

Pray to Jesus. Then express your hurt to him. Pour out your heart, and then release it to him in order to experience healing.

3. Know his love for you 

We must know that his love is not contingent on anything that we do or say. He loves us no matter what. 

Knowing and receiving his love heals us. It allows us to receive from him and patch up all the hurt. 

His love is simply there for us: always is and always will be. Isaiah 54:10 talks about his great, unfailing love.

When we know we are loved by him-no matter what has happened to us-nothing can tear us down. 

His love has the power to soften our hearts; to allow us to forgive others; to heal; to let go and not seek revenge… but to let him deal with the injustices. 

It changes our perspective. It can calm the anger within and give us peace. His love carries power to change our hearts. 

Know his love by reflecting on the truth of his act of dying on the cross for you. Really meditate on this act. 

Recall the times, and write them down, when you saw his love. Pray that the Spirit would open your eyes up to see more of Jesus’s love for you. 

It is in his grace for you, it’s in his good gifts for you, but most importantly it’s in his presence and in his having a relationship with you. 

Through Jesus and the leading and guidance of his Spirit, we can experience healing like we desire. I did, and so can you. 

This will bring you the freedom you want and into a deeper relationship with him. He is the answer.

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