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My name is Nikki Evanson

I'm a wife, mother and - first and foremost - a grateful believer in Jesus Christ.

I am a woman who is passionately striving to follow Matthew 22:37.

Our hearts are the gateway to loving God completely, so I knew I needed to devote my heart to him first. However, I’ve learned that my heart is wounded; that stops me from offering my whole heart to him. Jesus has brought me on a journey of healing to overcome my hurts so that I can have a deeper heart connection with him.

I would love to journey together with you, cheering you on as a sister and friend in Christ, helping you to recognize and overcome your heart wounds so that together we can walk towards offering our hearts to him completely.

Create in me a pure heart, O God,
and renew a steadfast spirit within me.

Psalm 51:10

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Are you looking for a deeper heart connection with Jesus? Looking for transformation and healing?

On my blog, Heart Wounds Healed, you'll find truth and encouragement to help you recognize the hurts in your heart so you can go to Jesus as the answer for healing and be able to devote your heart more deeply to him.

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Repentance: how to find forgiveness from God

Have you ever felt like you failed God?  You shouldn’t have pursued that job, relationship or path… but you did anyway, hoping it would work out.   Now you are left with a heart full of regret for your indiscretions. These regretful thoughts are consuming you, leaving you in a state of despair.  You want to…
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hopeless at Christmas

Bringing hope back to Christmas

Are you feeling hopeless this Christmas season?  You may put on a brave face for others, but your heart is greatly discouraged.  You don’t want to engage in the usual Christmas traditions—they feel meaningless. Being jolly is the furthest thing from your mind. With the world being in a state of chaos this year, basking…
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glorifying Jesus

Glorifying Jesus in our Homes

Calla Press has shared a post that I’ve written, titled Glorifying Jesus in our Homes. Please visit their website to read more!
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Patience to Make Beautiful Progress with Jesus

Blessed Transgressions has shared a post that I’ve written, titled Patience to Make Beautiful Progress with Jesus. Please visit their website to read more!
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Obedience: setting your heart to obey God

The wounds on your heart can lead you to feel you only have one path to take in life.  The path to continued destructive behavior: more hurt and pain, following in the footsteps of the ones who hurt you.  I thought this was my only path until I was faced with a decision whether or…
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Being seen in impossible circumstances

Being seen in impossible circumstances

Do you ever feel unseen?  When confronted with the most impossible struggles and circumstances, this feeling can enter my heart.  I wonder if Jesus sees my pain, my heartache, my distress, and my need for help.  It plagues me why, sometimes, he is taking so long to deliver me to a place of feeling safe…
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