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Nikki Evanson

A Spiritual Practices List to Help You

Deeper With God: A Spiritual Practices List to Help You

Do you go to church regularly, read your Bible, and pray… but still feel like you’re lacking maturity with God? You want to go deeper with him but honestly you don’t know how to at this point. This spiritual practices list can give you ways to have the deeper relationship with God you are looking

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4 Ways to Put On the Mind of Christ

4 Ways to Put On the Mind of Christ

When going through difficult times, it’s hard not to focus on yourself. What is going to happen to me? What am I going to do? These questions can weigh heavy on your heart. But when you put on the mind of Christ, everything changes.  Doing this allows you to endure hardship well, knowing there is

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How to Surrender to God Completely 3 Steps

How to Surrender to God Completely: 3 Steps to Find Rest

Are you feeling burdened, weary, heavy hearted and needing rest? Jesus can help you and wants to walk with you in whatever you are going through. He loves you so much and sees you. He understands how you are feeling and experienced feeling this way too.  Learning how to surrender to God completely is how

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Christmas Hope

3 Ways to Find Christmas Hope

Does Christmas feel hard this year? You may be putting on a brave face for others, but inside you feel sorrowful, lonely, or maybe even depressed because of the circumstances in your life. However, you can find Christmas hope this year despite what you are going through. God sees your pain. He sees how hard

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Pleasing Jesus instead of people

Struggling With People Pleasing: What Pleases God?

Instead of asking yourself what pleases God, do you instead feel like you are trapped in a cycle of seeking the approval of others? When someone is mad at you or doesn’t like you, it can tear you up inside; getting them to like you again is all you can think about. Your happiness depends

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Freedom from Perfectionism

Freedom from Perfectionism: What Is Perfect in the Bible?

Are you striving to be perfect in all things? Your job, motherhood, your role as a wife or friend? Being a Christian? This is extremely exhausting and the weight is so cumbersome. I know… because this is something that I have struggled with for years. If you are saying this is you too, you are

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Overcoming Our Struggles to Love

Division in the Church: Overcoming Our Struggles to Love

Are you fighting with someone in your church? Maybe you disagree with how they feel about an issue, or you are mad about how they treated you or what they said to you. Sometimes, we don’t even tell the person at church we are angry at them or that they hurt us. But doing nothing

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How You Can Love People as a Disciple of Jesus

How You Can Love People as a Disciple of Jesus

Recently, I went on a trip to visit my family and met an extended family member for the first time. Although he didn’t speak English, his actions spoke louder than words. He was so welcoming, helpful, and warm; he simply loved me, my family and everyone around him so much. Watching him, it made me

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What Does the Bible Say About Depression

What Does the Bible Say About Depression?

Do you feel like you’re going through a period of time when you’ve lost the ability and desire to do things? Maybe you feel like you’re struggling to move forward in life… but instead finding yourself often feeling hopeless and sorrowful. I went through this recently, after suffering the loss of a dear loved one. 

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Nikki Evanson

Hi, I'm Nikki

My goal is to help and equip Christian women like you to live for Jesus by following Matthew 22:37-39: to love God and love people, and within this we need to learn how to love ourselves as God does.

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