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10 Bible Verses About Identity in Christ

10 Bible Verses About Identity in Christ

If you truly want to love yourself well, you need to know who Christ says you are. This can be found in the Bible. The Bible contains many verses about your identity in Christ.  You were created by God; he made you in a wonderful way. He wants you to live in the truth of…
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See Yourself as God Sees You

See Yourself as God Sees You

When you think about yourself, how do you see yourself? If you are like me, you sometimes struggle to have a positive self outlook. You think about all the negative things people have said to you and focus on your flaws.  But to see yourself as God sees you changes your whole life. It alters…
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God's Greatness; 10 Attributes of God

10 Attributes of God

How much do you really know God? Can you name 10 attributes of God?  God knows you personally and wants you to know him deeply as well; he wants to show you that a relationship with him fills all the longings in your heart. Wanting to be known, to be seen, to be valued, to…
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Characteristics of a Good Friend According to the Bible

7 Characteristics of a Good Friend According to the Bible

We all want friends. Friends who are safe people to confide in, whom you can share your heart with, and to talk to when things are hard. As a Christian woman, you need friendships like this to help you thrive in your relationship with Jesus.  Not all friendships will be like this, though, so you…
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woman holding bible; Who I am in Christ

Who I Am in Christ: 4 Truths to Help You Stand in Your Identity in Christ

Accepting your identity in Christ is not easy when the enemy is whispering lies to you. Thus, proclaiming the truth of “Who I am in Christ” from the Bible needs to be your main defense against the enemy’s lies.  You are a child of God. Your identity lies in Christ and there is nothing the…
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woman reading bible

3 powerful purposes of God that can change your life

Sometimes we can feel purposeless and forget that God made us for a reason. But when we read the Bible the purposes of God that he has for us as believers are made explicit.  We were made with the intent to first have a personal relationship with God and bring glory to his name through…
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Woman pointing up; Ways to love yourself

Biblical Self Care: 5 Ways to Love Yourself as a Christian Woman

You may think that the best way to love yourself is by making sure that all your needs and goals are met. But as a Christian, this is not true.  Truly loving yourself requires that you put God first in your life and then allow him to meet all your needs as you follow the…
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hugging friends; how to love others according to the bible

3 Examples of How to Love Others According to the Bible

Sometimes as a believer it’s hard to love others when they’ve hurt you. That is why it’s so important to know how to love others according to the Bible.  The Bible makes it clear how much Jesus loves you and how in turn his love enables you to love others—despite how they’ve treated you. He…
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woman reading her bible at a table; how to love god

4 Practical Tips on How to Love God

How you love God will determine the depth of the relationship you will have with him, so it’s important to understand how to love God. Doing so will allow you to live a fruitful life and not be overcome by anything the enemy throws at you.  Having a deep love for God will drive you…
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Repentance: how to find forgiveness from God

Have you ever felt like you failed God?  You shouldn’t have pursued that job, relationship or path… but you did anyway, hoping it would work out.   Now you are left with a heart full of regret for your indiscretions. These regretful thoughts are consuming you, leaving you in a state of despair.  You want to…
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