Loving God

God's Greatness; 10 Attributes of God

Know Your Creator: 10 Attributes of God

How much do you really know God? Can you name 10 attributes of God?  God knows you personally and wants you to know him deeply as well; he wants to show you that a relationship with him fills all the longings in your heart. Wanting to be known, to be seen, to be valued, to…
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3 Powerful Purposes of God That Can Change Your Life

Sometimes we can feel purposeless and forget that God made us for a reason. But when we read the Bible the purposes of God that he has for us as believers are made explicit.  We were made with the intent to first have a personal relationship with God and bring glory to his name through…
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4 Practical Tips on How to Love God

Do you desperately desire to know God more? How you love God will determine the depth of the relationship you will have with him, so it’s important to understand how to love God. Doing so will allow you to live a fruitful life and not be overcome by anything the enemy throws at you.  Having…
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hopeless at Christmas

Bringing hope back to Christmas

Are you feeling hopeless this Christmas season?  You may put on a brave face for others, but your heart is greatly discouraged.  You don’t want to engage in the usual Christmas traditions—they feel meaningless. Being jolly is the furthest thing from your mind. With the world being in a state of chaos this year, basking…
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Obedience: setting your heart to obey God

The wounds on your heart can lead you to feel you only have one path to take in life.  The path to continued destructive behavior: more hurt and pain, following in the footsteps of the ones who hurt you.  I thought this was my only path until I was faced with a decision whether or…
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Pleasing Jesus instead of people

Pleasing Jesus instead of people

Is it hard for you to say “no”?  It’s hard for me too. Sometimes it feels like I am trapped in a vicious cycle of agreeing to everything with no way out.  I get deeply hurt because I feel like I’ve lost my choice, and end up disappointed in myself for failing to do it…
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Fear only the Lord

Fear only the Lord

Jobless; I didn’t know who I was anymore.  I knew I needed a change, but what I didn’t realize was that my identity had become tied up, and defined by, my vocation.  It was hard to know who I was anymore. I felt like I had lost my identity and purpose. Deep feelings of fear—of…
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Nikki Evanson

Hi, I'm Nikki

My goal is to help and equip Christian women like you to live for Jesus by following Matthew 22:37-39: to love God, to love yourself, and to love others.

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