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Loving God

God Works All Things Together for Good

How God Works All Things Together for Good

If God loves us, why do bad things happen? This might be a question you are wrestling with right now if you are walking through some difficult things. It’s important not to believe the lie that God doesn’t love you—because he does.  He loves you so much; the original plan of God for mankind didn’t

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What Does the Bible Say About Joy

What Does the Bible Say About Joy?

When I am going through a trial, it’s hard to have joy. The “what ifs” and negative things I imagine happening take over my mind.  But, what does the Bible say about joy? By studying his word we can experience unexplainable joy even in times of hardship… because knowing Jesus produces joy. Joy can be

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Being Thankful to God in Hard Times

Being Thankful to God in Hard Times

I can be a chronic complainer when times are hard. I can’t see anything good to come and the “what ifs” feel all-consuming.  If you struggle with this too, being thankful to God is a far better way to respond when things go wrong. It shows that you trust God and that no matter what

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Bible Study Methods

Rekindle Your Love for Jesus: 5 Bible Study Methods

Does your growth in Jesus feel stalled? Does your relationship with Jesus lack the passion that you once had when you first became a believer? If this is you, intentionally studying the Bible can begin a revival in your heart and restore that passion.  This might feel overwhelming—and you may feel like you have to

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What happens when you read the Bible everyday

What Happens When You Read the Bible Everyday

Are you desperately in need of help, wisdom or guidance for your life? We all can feel lost in life and many of us at times wish there was a book to help us. Well there is, and it’s the Bible!  What happens when you read the Bible everyday is astonishing. Your life, mind and

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5 Ways the Holy Spirit Helps Us

5 Ways the Holy Spirit Helps Us When in Need

If you are crying out right now, “God, please help me,” because things are hard and you feel you can’t handle your current circumstances, God always hears this deep, desperate prayer of your heart and is thankful that you have come to him for help. God wants to help us, and desires to be our

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How to Walk in the Spirit in 3 Ways

You Too Can Learn How to Walk in the Spirit

Have you ever felt that life is so hard that you just want to give up? I can sometimes feel this way when unexpected circumstances occur, when I don’t live up to others’ standards (or my own), or I am just having a bad day when everything seems to be going wrong.  As a Christian,

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God's Heart

Knowing God’s Heart to Have a Deeper Connection With Him

I often get to witness God’s heart through my husband as he dotes on our beautiful little girl. Helping her when she is in need; watching over her with a protective eye; daily sacrificing his time; showing patience, forgiveness and grace.  This reminds me of the heart of God for us as his beloved daughters.

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Love God With All Your Mind

Three Steps to Love God With All Your Mind

Have you ever really stopped to think about your thoughts?  I tried it; I was deeply surprised how negative my thoughts were, how judgmental I was, how I compared myself to others, and how critical I was of myself. It took me a while to realize that I didn’t have to accept these thoughts: it

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Nikki Evanson

Hi, I'm Nikki

My goal is to help and equip Christian women like you to live for Jesus by following Matthew 22:37-39: to love God and love people, and within this we need to learn how to love ourselves as God does.

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