A restored heart makes way for a deeper connection with Jesus.

Trusting in Him alone

I was weary and heavyhearted, feeling like I would never be able to trust again.

I had experienced a great betrayal in a past relationship, which brought me to this place.

I trusted that his love for me was unconditional and secure, but it wasn’t.

Left with a wounded heart, I questioned my ability to trust in relationships. I was worried that I would never be able to open my heart up to trusting again.

I contemplated if I had done something wrong to make him break the trust we had. If I couldn’t trust, how would I ever be able to develop and sustain long-lasting, healthy relationships?

Have you ever experienced this?

Trusting in relationships is not always easy after being hurt. I felt lost and hopeless until I committed to place my trust in Jesus.

I learned that—through his power and truth—it was possible to trust again because of who he is. I just needed to open my heart to him humbly, and acknowledge that he is trustworthy.

Psalm 145:13 (NIV) tells us: “Your kingdom is an everlasting kingdom, and your dominion endures through all generations. The Lord is trustworthy in all he promises and faithful in all he does.”

He showed me—through my commitment to him—that I could trust, because he is always trustworthy in his actions and his words.

Jesus was trustworthy to meet me in my pain. He became my refuge in that dark place of hurt and despair because of his trustworthiness.

A firm foundation in Jesus leads the way for a secure sense of trust.

He used this betrayal, though I felt it was devastating, to show me that where I had placed my trust was unsustainable.

This experience shook my core, but Jesus’ trustworthiness in turn allowed me to develop an unbreakable, strong foundation in him that would allow me to endure future hurts in a healthy manner.

Trust in my relationship with him is where I would find all the fulfillment, value, depth, and love I needed to walk in a committed relationship.

My trust needed to be strongly anchored in him to produce a relationship that would last. As I trusted in him, I learned to forgive others for their failings and extend grace when needed.

This allowed me to have the security and confidence to trust; to walk in a relationship again.

Only Jesus could give me that security, and he can do this for you too when you place your trust in him completely.

Deep trust in him will allow you to accept failure in a relationship with grace… and to see the truth of his love and the value you have to him.

A firm foundation in Jesus leads the way for a secure sense of trust. Put your trust in your relationship with Jesus first and foremost, and you can walk with a healthy mindset and an ability to commit to fruitful, meaningful, long-lasting relationships.

2 thoughts on “Trusting in Him alone

  1. What Jesus is showing me is that even in healthy relationships centered on Christ, disappointment comes. This is because of sin. But, in these relationships the key is to confront these bad behaviors within the other person and within ourselves and then move forward in love towards continuing the relationship. Grace is very important, but we must also confront the person, which is uncomfortable. I believe Grace occurs after conflict sometimes and does not necessarily mean avoid confronting someone to avoid conflict.

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