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Being seen in impossible circumstances

Being seen in impossible circumstances

Do you ever feel unseen? 

When confronted with the most impossible struggles and circumstances, this feeling can enter my heart. 

I wonder if Jesus sees my pain, my heartache, my distress, and my need for help. 

It plagues me why, sometimes, he is taking so long to deliver me to a place of feeling safe and secure.

But it’s in my distress and questioning that my heart can really understand and recognize his presence. 

His presence is made known by the unexplainable peace I have available to me; the ability to utter honest prayers without his judgment coming upon me. 

I know he is there by his ability to change my heart from a state of chaos to one of feeling loved. 

I am humbled, since I have no reason to expect the creator of the universe to pay me any mind, but I know for sure that I am seen by him. 

Our struggles and circumstances are gifts to show us this. We can praise God for them. 

Jesus—without a doubt—loves you. To know you are seen even in your worst is a gift of grace from him. 

To be seen is to know you are loved.

A component of comprehending his love completely is knowing that you are seen by him no matter what. It produces in you the ability to know his love in greater ways.

How can we know with certainty that God sees us in our most impossible circumstances and struggles

We can look at the bible. Looking at figures in the bible helps us learn more about God, and develop a deeper understanding of his heart for us.

Sarai, Abram’s wife, wanted a child desperately. God promised her a child, yet she didn’t see it happen in the timeframe she desired.

This caused her to go about making it happen on her own by having Hagar, her Egyptian servant, have a child with Abram.

This arrangement caused great strife to the hearts of those involved. It was especially tumultuous for Hagar, when she found out she was pregnant.

She was placed in an impossible situation, so she ran. Within this decision, an angel of the Lord spoke to her and told her to return. 

The angel spoke specifically into her situation with words of comfort and words about her future child that put her at ease in the uncertainty (Genesis 16:11). 

These words show us how God saw her in her time of need. He used this situation to show Hagar his presence and who he is. 

This is confirmed in Genesis 16:13 (NIV): “She gave this name to the Lord who spoke to her: ‘You are the God who sees me,’ for she said, ‘I have now seen the One who sees me.’” 

If Hagar can know this about God, so can we. We may not see his body in human form, but we can see him through his whispers and actions to change our hearts. 

He sees our intentions to seek him and to be his faithful servant. 

God saw Hagar’s devotion to him, despite being in her situation.

A component of comprehending his love completely is knowing that you are seen by him no matter what. It produces in you the ability to know his love in greater ways.

God knows and sees it all. He desires to bring something good out of your circumstances; he wants not just to change your situation but also your heart.

When your perspective is changed to see that, your eyes can truly be opened.

When you feel like your situation or struggles are too overwhelming, know that God sees you. 

Go to him in prayer, and to his word, for comfort. Pray with great transparency and honesty. 

Pray that the Holy Spirit would allow you to trust Jesus and have a deeper faith in him. This will grow you in a more intimate relationship with him.

Allow the Holy Spirit to open your eyes, to show you the changes he is making in your heart.

You can have faith and trust in Jesus’ promises; that he sees you even when you don’t see him change things right away. He is working everything out for your good when you seek him.

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