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Nikki Evanson

hugging friends; how to love others according to the bible

3 Examples of How to Love Others According to the Bible

Sometimes as a believer it’s hard to love others when they’ve hurt you. That is why it’s so important to know how to love others according to the Bible.  The Bible makes it clear how much Jesus loves you and how in turn his love enables you to love others—despite how they’ve treated you. He

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woman reading her bible at a table; how to love god

4 Practical Tips on How to Love God

Do you desperately desire to know God more? How you love God will determine the depth of the relationship you will have with him, so it’s important to understand how to love God. Doing so will allow you to live a fruitful life and not be overcome by anything the enemy throws at you.  Having

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Have you ever felt like you failed God?  You shouldn’t have pursued that job, relationship or path… but you did anyway, hoping it would work out.   Now you are left with a heart full of regret for your indiscretions. These regretful thoughts are consuming you, leaving you in a state of despair.  You want to

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Obedience: setting your heart to obey God

The wounds on your heart can lead you to feel you only have one path to take in life.  The path to continued destructive behavior: more hurt and pain, following in the footsteps of the ones who hurt you.  I thought this was my only path until I was faced with a decision whether or

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Being seen in impossible circumstances

Being seen in impossible circumstances

Do you ever feel unseen?  When confronted with the most impossible struggles and circumstances, this feeling can enter my heart.  I wonder if Jesus sees my pain, my heartache, my distress, and my need for help.  It plagues me why, sometimes, he is taking so long to deliver me to a place of feeling safe

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lacking confidence

Restoring your confidence through the Word of God

“I don’t think she is going to make it into that school.” The words echoed over and over in my head.  Was she right? I couldn’t stop thinking about how she felt about me and if her words were accurate.  She was my teacher. I trusted her and thought she believed in me, but when

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divided heart

Mending an unsettled heart

Are you struggling with an unsettled heart? I can understand. When I was first getting to know Jesus, I was deeply torn between how I was living and the life he was calling me to live. Faced with a life-altering decision, desperate for help, with no one to go to, I sought after Jesus. The

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Anger: finding healing from the hurt

My silence conveyed it all to him.  We once could lock eyes across the room and guess what each other was thinking, but now I could barely look him in the eyes or talk to him. I didn’t want to have a broken marriage, but I felt like I couldn’t let go of my anger. 

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Learning to heal: 5 ways Jesus sacrificed for you

Learning to heal: 5 ways Jesus sacrificed for you

Have you ever wondered whether your sacrifices were worth it?  Letting go of the past for a better future requires sacrifice… but it can be hard to look beyond the pain and hurt. Having to forgive; releasing your anger and bitterness; and being humble before the Lord, admitting your need for his help, can lead

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Nikki Evanson

Hi, I'm Nikki

My goal is to help and equip Christian women like you to live for Jesus by following Matthew 22:37-39: to love God and love people, and within this we need to learn how to love ourselves as God does.

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