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God's love

The fulfillment of God’s love

“I love you.” Growing up, I longed to hear these words. I heard the phrase thrown around a lot on television, and read it often in books, but I never heard it for myself.  It made me not really understand love.  Was I loved? Was I capable of giving love?  These unresolved questions left me…
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The power of salvation for restoration

I felt like I was beyond repair; I needed to acknowledge that I had a problem, and that I couldn’t fix it on my own. I tried many times, but the compulsion to control certain things—brought on by unresolved pain from the past—overtook me.  I felt lost, and broken to the core, but knew that…
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The Gift of Rejection in Community

Faith and GatherTM has shared a post that I’ve written, titled The Gift of Rejection in Community. Please visit their website to read more!
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The Truth of God’s Love

The Love Offering Blog Series by Rachael K. Adams has shared a post that I’ve written, titled The Truth of God’s Love. Please visit her website to read more!  
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Caring for yourself well while loving others

The high expectations that I had placed on myself to love others led me to think that I needed to sacrifice myself. I placed my needs and wants last, after the wants of others. Not caring for myself left me completely empty. I was exhausted mentally, physically and emotionally. I was depleted to the point…
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Trusting in Him alone

I was weary and heavyhearted, feeling like I would never be able to trust again. I had experienced a great betrayal in a past relationship, which brought me to this place. I trusted that his love for me was unconditional and secure, but it wasn’t. Left with a wounded heart, I questioned my ability to…
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Is change really possible for me?

My doubts and insecurities in my identity were leading me to feel trapped and causing me to think I could not change.  I didn’t think I could trust God to change my mindset, even if I asked him. I thought this change would be too hard, and would bring me on a journey that was…
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